A messaging service written in go.


This is the official goMS site. I know that this is now the fanciest site of the worls, but who cares?

goMS information

The messaging service goMS is written in golang and has the goal to be a simple to use and fast messagaging service. Every client will create and hold a TCP connection to the server where all of the data will be transfered.

Where to find it?

You can find the repository with the source on github. The binaries are'nt online yet (maybe soon), so just get golang on your machine and compile (using the compile.sh script for linux users).



Like ActiveMQ and similar, goMS has topics. A client can register to one of them and will receive a notification when a message is sent to one of the topic.


Everything that'll be transfered mus be a message. Messages are normal json strings that have the field type and data. There may be more (e.g. a list of topics) but that's it.

More information/details/internals

Just have a look at the README file or at the repo itself.

Written by Hauke Stieler. Contract via goms@hauke-stieler.de.
The whole software is under GNU General Public License v3.0.